Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stop stifling me!

You know what? This blog is just going to be about whatever the hell I want. It seems that The People would like it to just be able my adventures in game development. Those guys also happen to be people who pretty much only like one thing (music, High Art, cassette tapes, etc.). I know that it is a lot easier to be successful if you have a rampant obsession, but I just don't roll like that. So here's the plan: I'm going to write about my life, what I think about, and anything that I have an opinion about. If you're like me, and want an explanation for this sort of self-indulgence, let's just go with the "the broad scope gives me perspective and access to a lot of points of view and ways of doing things which will make me a more well-rounded creator of things" angle.

I'm trying to stick with this "eat like you're a primitive gatherer" thing. I just wish that all of these nuts and seeds didn't taste like wax. It's the taste of extremely healthy oils, I know, but it still reminds me of sucking on rubber bands. I just need to learn how to cook with this stuff, or something. I have half a mind to roast these god damn sunflower seeds right now.

I'm finally reading The Thrive Diet, so maybe it will scare me straight or give me some ideas. Right now all it is doing is giving me more stress by talking about how much stress I'm under. I don't need this shit, Brazier. I'm just hungry. I wish I were reading Alton Brown's book about kitchen gear.

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Peter said...

Hey! I like at least 3-4 things