Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting real.

I'm starting to remember what it is like to be busy. I just started the new quarter at the 'ol Dee-Paul, and I think I will have to try this time around. I'm going to continue to learn C++ as the next logical step in my path toward being able to program worlds that take into account string theory and all that. The part that I think might melt my brain is this class I'm taking on neural networks. It's basically using logical algorithms to make programs that learn and improve. For example, a program that gets better at playing chess over time. Or one that goes from thinking that straight bangs on girls is a good idea to one that has a clue. This class assumes that I'm proficient in programming, but I can't really do much more than write a program that asks for your vital statistics and prints a suggested number of pushups and a motivational ascii drawing. So...we'll see how that goes.

I'm also starting a job tomorrow. Not a real job, though. I'm grading standardized tests from my computer. I'm going to milk this No Child Left Behind thing for all it's worth, thank you very much Prez Barry. I did this once before. It is mind numbing. Hopefully during the month and a half that I have to do this I will find an actual job. Speaking of employment, I just filled out an application to be a moderator in the school's game lab, for which I wrote a really bad essay proclaiming that my favorite game is GoldenEye for the N64:

I'm probably going to write about that game soon, because it really was a next-level piece of fun.

Also, I'm going to start putting some effort into this thing. I want to remember how to write. There's also the beginnings of iPhone app development with Little Johnny Fofo on the horizon, and I've got about two weeks to design and create a board game. Two projects with potential for weird fun.


john said...

I don't know much about computers but that's some inflammatory shit you done said about bangs!

Stephen said...

Straight bangs on girls IS a good idea and Golden Eye is probably my favorite video game ever too.

Anonymous said...

Oh don't worry. Neural networks are pretty much just glorified flowcharts baked into an algorithm.

You should probably post that essay. Liek nao.

Kristine said...

1. Golden Eye is one of my favorite games too, and
B. As a girl who has both worn and given folks straight bangs many a time, they can in fact be a bad idea. Unless you are a hairstylist, like me, who can upkeep them ok, in which case they are only mildly annoying.

Peter said...

i would dominate your ass at goldeneye